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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Robot Carnival - A Tale of Two Robots

A Tale of Two Robots
This comedy short is from the 1980's anthology anime Robot Carnival. "Strange Tales of Meiji Machine Culture: Westerner's Invasion" (明治からくり文明奇譚〜紅毛人襲来之巻〜, Meiji Karakuri Bunmei Kitan: Kōmōjin Shūrai no Maki, retitled "A Tale of Two Robots, Chapter 3: Foreign Invasion" for the Streamline dub) is set in the nineteenth century and features two "giant robots" directed from within by a human crew of teenage kids.
In the style of a movie serial of the sound era, a Western mad scientist in his giant robot attempts to take over Japan but is challenged by locals operating a "machine made for the parade"—a Japanese giant robot. The style of this segment is somewhat reminiscent of a Japanese World War II-era propaganda film. Despite the title of this segment, there is no known prequel or sequel. The Westerner speaks English in the original release. 

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  1. Robot Carnival was the anime that most got me into the medium and still to this date it's an utterly fantastic short film collection from start to finish.
    Hell, I even own both the DVD and BluRay versions.