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Monday, August 29, 2022

Rings of Power is Right Around the Corner...

Will "Rings of Power" be Another
Victim of Woke Culture?

The Amazon series "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" is going to be nothing but woke garbage. How do we know? Amazon has unwittingly told us through their own promotions and interviews and fan reaction videos:

Woke - "alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice; often with left-leaning / progressive political viewpoint." One can be so 'woke,' that they become Blind to the Truth.

Is this the Destiny for the Rings of Power?

What has happened is that woke elements such as Diversity, Identity Politics, and Extreme Feminism have hijacked yet another pop-culture icon and corrupted them into their own image. Since woke-ism is a newly emerging movement, we see it mostly in the younger generation who are disillusioned and feeling powerless in today's society. Through the use of the internet, namely Twitter and other social media, the woke generation have weaponized these tools to attack ANYONE who does not think the way they do. Their victims are then CANCELLED from society. The Me-Too and BLM movement have emerged as an answer to those who have felt helpless all their lives. Woke culture has given them power to retaliate in insidious ways. The attacks do not just stop with the destruction of the victim's reputation but also their livelihood. According to woke culture, the victims must be totally destroyed, as if they never existed. That is their punishment for having dared to stand-up to woke activism. History, itself, has become victim to woke culture. Statues of Christopher Columbus and the Founding Fathers have to be removed because they were associated with slavery and white-privilege. By destroying the foundations of American culture, woke activists hope to remake history, and place the woke generation as the new foundation for everything that comes after. In their view, only woke is CORRECT and JUST and the world must be remade in their own image. By doing so, they cancel the hard earned achievements of the past. A total disrespect to our ancestors, heroes who have built this nation and fought to keep it free. That is what the woke generation is all about: to achieve greatness without having earned it. 

“A nation that forgets its past has no future.”
- Winston Churchill

To them, not only does History need to be changed, but all of pop culture. Since the woke have no heroes of their own, they must take-over existing popular movies and TV shows and remake them in order to reflect their woke view.

This is the madness of the Woke.

Here are some examples of Woke on pop culture:

DISNEY'S STAR WARS - Under the leadership of Lucasfilm's President Kathleen Kennedy, the Force is now FEMALE. George Lucas’s greatest mistake was to entrust his legacy into the hands of someone who wanted to use STAR WARS as a platform for her radical political ideas. Suddenly, feminism became the mission of Lucasfilm under Kathleen Kennedy. Extreme Feminists required the main character of the new Disney's STAR WARS to be a STRONG female warrior but with a male sounding name, who can beat any man at anything, because she's the BESTEST EVAR! The Mary Sue in Disney’s STAR WARS is Rey, who is already strong in the Force for no apparent reason (probably because the Force is Female), and she can wield a lightsaber without any training. She is vastly better than Luke Skywalker in every way. Luke, who faced two of the greatest evils in the galaxy, Darth Vader and the Emperor, sacrificed himself in order save the soul of his Father, earned the mantle of the Greatest Jedi Knight who ever lived and the hero we all desired to be. But in Kennedy’s version of STAR WARS, no MAN can be better than Rey, so in order for Rey to succeed at being the Bestest Evar, Luke must be totally emasculated, brought down to his kneels before the altar of super femininity. Once the greatest Jedi in the galaxy, Luke must now be turned into a hermit and a child killer. Rather than sacrificing himself to save the soul of his own nephew, the idea of Luke as the greatest hero of all time, must be radically changed in order for Rey to take his place. Rey earns NOTHING throughout the three Disney movies. She is automatically the best at everything, and she uses it to "STEAL" all the accolades that were earned through blood, sweat, and tears BY OTHERS greater than herself.

  • Rey steals Luke and Leia's lightsabers
  • Rey steals the Millennium Falcon
  • Rey steals Luke's ancestral home on Tatooine
  • Rey steals Luke's family name: Skywalker
  • When we last see Rey, she is even stealing the iconic scene of the setting suns of Tatooine.

This STOLEN VALOR is what makes Rey such an unlikable character.

So what is the result of woke-ism upon Disney's STAR WARS?

With the death of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, there was the loss of more than half of the SW fans around the world; many decrying that they are no longer STAR WARS fans, while others refuse to return unless The Last Jedi was entirely retconned. Toy sales became non-existent, and the sequel film Rise of Skywalker only garnered half the profit of what TLJ took in. What was once considered a cash cow, STAR WARS is now a failed franchise under Kathleen Kennedy. Go Woke, Go Broke.

STAR TREK DISCOVERY - Under Gene Roddenberry, original STAR TREK represented the BEST of HUMANITY. When it premiered on TV in 1966, when dreariness and despair of the Vietnam War filled the airwaves, STAR TREK brought hope and inspiration directly to American homes. It was escapist entertainment. For a brief moment, we can escape the stress and negativity of the real world, and enter the fantastic realm of STAR TREK. The Federation had eliminated racism, poverty, war, and sickness from the Earth. It was a utopia that was admired throughout the galaxy. It revealed a future that was worth seeking. STAR TREK showed that we can be great, if we work towards it. The show influenced America's space program. People were inspired to become astronauts. This was the legacy of Gene Roddenberry's STAR TREK.

However, years later, under Alex Kurtzman, Star Trek: Discovery has fallen far from the tree planted by Gene Roddenberry. Hope and inspiration are no longer words to describe the show. It has become a platform by the radical left to promote their political views. All of the social ills that were solved in original STAR TREK have now returned in DISCOVERY. A social agenda is clearly part of the show's storyline. All of a sudden, we are now concerned in the weekly drama of who sleeps with who. Those who didn't like the show were automatically labelled as racists, misogynists, and istaphobes. Woke-ism now saturated the story-lines of Star Trek: Discovery. Kurtzman inserted Feminists ideas that required the main character to be a STRONG female warrior but with a male sounding name, who can beat any man at anything. Enter Michael Burnham, or "Space Jesus," by others. Not only does she save the ship almost every episode, but she has saved all of Space-Time single-handedly.

STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS - The female lead is named Beckett Mariner (voiced by Tawny Newsome). She is a human ensign aboard the U.S.S. Cerritos. Beckett is irreverent and a rule-breaker. She is "the best at all things Starfleet." Her favorite hobby seems to be belittling her shipmate, Ensign Boimler, who struggles to keep up with Beckett's incessant and trouble-making antics. No matter how well he does something, Beckett finds a way to emasculate him. Once you make your show about a political agenda, you divide your audience. Anyone identifying with Boimler (mainly MALES) would probably not subject themselves to repeated viewing.

So what is the result of woke-ism upon new STAR TREK?

Star Trek: Discovery did not exactly light the television ratings chart on fire. The premiere averaged 1.7 million viewers overall and only scored a 0.2 rating. That’s not great but it is even more disheartening when you see that it was beaten by reruns of shows like The Masked Singer and Filthy Rich. Not a particularly strong showing for the series. it’s looking like the current iteration of the Star Trek franchise is not speaking to wider audiences. (Whenever you input politics to your story, you run the risk of dividing your audience. Some will be RED. Others will be BLUE. Just don't start calling people racists just because they disagree with you. One should respect and tolerate other opinions. However, woke culture believes they are always right. and will dismiss other points-of-view. For all their claims to be on the side of Social Justice and Diversity, woke activists are the most intolerant people on the internet.)

DR. WHO – Under showrunner Chris Chibnall, the Eleventh Series of DR. WHO saw the appearance of the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, in October 2018. There were mixed reactions about replacing the Doctor with a woman, but there was enough interest early on to bring in the viewers. At least at first.

Why has Doctor Who gone downhill? The numbers for Doctor Who have gone down consistently with each new episode as the series has lost nearly one million viewers since the debut episode for Season 12. Reasons cited for the show's continued demise include bad writing, poor acting, and its “woke” approach under Chris Chibnall.

One particular episode entitled “The Timeless Children” became the tipping point that enraged many loyal fans, calling it “brand-damaging” and “irreparable” to the entire series.

Here is a synopsis of the story:

The Doctor finds herself in the ruins of Gallifrey, her home planet. Her arch enemy the Master destroyed it after he learned a terrible truth about his origins – a truth so devastating that it caused him to decimate the entire capitol, along with his people the Time Lords. Taking the Doctor inside the Matrix (the Time Lords’ repository of all knowledge) the Master shares this terrible truth with his old enemy.

In ‘The Timeless Children,’ we learn about a scientist and traveller named Tecteun – a Shobogan, native to the planet that would eventually become Gallifrey. She journeyed to a distant world and found a young girl, seemingly abandoned, standing at the gateway to another dimension. Tecteun adopted this child as her own and, together, they went off to explore the cosmos as mother and daughter.

When the pair returned to Gallifrey, the mysterious girl got into a fight with another child and was thrown off a cliff. She died upon landing, but started to regenerate. Tecteun looked on in awe as the mysterious girl morphed into a new body, healed and restored.

This fascinated Tecteun. As ‘The Timeless Children’ progresses, we see her experiment on the strange child, desperate to understand the secret of regeneration. Killing the child over and over and over again. How many times has the child suffered and died? Tecteun eventually extracts the relevant DNA and injects it into herself, triggering a regeneration that turns her into a man. From there, the one-time traveller goes on to become one of the founding fathers of Gallifreyan society, and limits the Time Lords’ regeneration limit to 12. (Presumably, there had been no limit before.) So it is revealed that the once heroic Time Lords were originally child killers. (Why are woke activists obsessed with child killing?)

Towards the end of ‘The Timeless Children,’ we also learn that the original young child’s memories were erased – but Tecteun leaves a disguised remnant of the truth buried deep within the Matrix, which the Master later uncovers.

Furthermore, we learn that the Doctor has lived a number of other lives that she has forgotten about. In one of these, she was working for a Gallifreyan sect known as The Division – an organisation that secretly interfered with the affairs of other planets. And although this incarnation of the Doctor had a police box TARDIS, ‘The Timeless Children’ suggests that she was in The Division before William Hartnell’s Doctor who, historically, has been regarded as the original since 1963. Whovian lore has now been changed so that the first Doctor was a WOMAN and not a MAN. And everything we know of Dr. Who history is WRONG. Typical in woke fashion, the female lead must be the best and cannot owe her success to any man. This may be why Chris Chibnall changed the backstory of Dr. Who in order to reflect modern day woke sensibilities.

The existence of this Doctor, therefore – and indeed the many other incarnations depicted in ‘The Timeless Children’ – rewrites the established origins of the character. Prior to 2020, it was believed that there were no other Doctors before Hartnell, and that Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor was the thirteenth (or fourteenth, if you take the War Doctor into consideration.) This new information means that it is now possible that the Doctor has an infinite number of regenerations, and may have lived an infinite number of lives (all due to the suffering of an innocent child).

Behold the Cringiness of Rings of Power

STAR WARS, STAR TREK, and DR. WHO are just three examples of once financially successful franchises that have gone woke and went broke. Each of these suffered under the leadership of liberal extremists who sought to push their political agendas using popular TV shows and films as their platforms. They all share common elements, and we can find evidence of this in the interviews and trailers for the “Rings of Power.”

Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made”
- JRR Tolkien

The first teaser trailer for Rings of Power was ratioed into oblivion: 130K up-votes to 1.9 million down-votes. It would seem that fans are getting tired of the woke nonsense infesting pop-culture and are ready to fight back!

Rings Of Power Actor PRAISES Amazon For DESTROYING Tolkien

A special screening of the first 2 episodes of "The Rings of Power" was shown to a select few and their reactions were recently posted on the internet. The comments were nearly suspiciously identical. Words such as "Bold, Beautiful, Cinematic," were the most typical descriptions. Popular YouTube movie commentator, John Campea, had mentioned that not a single negative review can be found, despite all of the negativity from fans prior to the screening. Are these reviews even real? It looks like Amazon cannot afford to have “Rings of Power” to fail. Too much money has been spent. And if it does not live up to the hype, then what is the point of having an Amazon Studios? September 2 is this Friday. The moment of Truth awaits! I predict the first few episodes will have the highest viewership mostly due to curiosity. After that is anyone’s guess. In its possible decline, the actual viewership numbers will be hidden and Amazon will publicly proclaim "Rings of Power" a success. A Season Two will be in question. But if the show is a financial success, then it would be the first "woke" series of its kind to do so.

Rings of Power "First Reviews" Are Too Perfect

Here are more shows that have reportedly gone "woke" and went broke.

BATGIRL - "Irredeemable" and "Brand-damaging"; Warner Bros. cancelled the movie despite being 95% complete and having spent $90 million on production. It will NEVER be officially released.

BATWOMAN - CW TV Series - Cancelled. "The batsuit is literal perfection... It will be, when it fits a woman." People just stopped watching.

SHE-HULK -  A comedy without jokes. Jennifer femm-splains to Bruce why as a woman, she suffers on a daily basis catcalls and man-splaining, and she is eternally better at handling her anger than Bruce. Lots of Man-hating. Nothing to like about this show.

OBI-WAN KENOBI - 10 year-old Leia thinks she knows it all and belittles Obi-Wan Kenobi; Reva lacks eloquence and ends up shouting to get her way. If you don't like thuggish Reva, then you are a racist, according to Lucasfilm.

Can you name one movie or TV franchise that has gone woke without going broke or damaging its own brand?
 - anim8trix
Here's a sample clip of what to expect:

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