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Monday, November 28, 2022

The Magic is Back... with Harry Potter!

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, combines Hogwarts school life, exploration of the Forbidden Forest, Quidditch tournaments, magical showdowns and much more. An Immersive magical world, with European picture book style, creating a new magical experience. Improve your magic, improve your knowledge, and experience exciting wizard duels. For those who believe in magic, a magical world awaits!
Harry Potter: Magic Awakened - Wands Up Lyric Video
The days will go by
With every spark
Walking across every light every dark
We wait till the day
They've chosen our path
Learning the forces we knew that we had
Our wands made a choice
We'll cast every spell
Join and find every fortune to tell
Protecting our friends
With promises made
For when we are called
We will rise to their aid
Catching that pixies that fly in the wild
We follow our calling
We follow our voice
Essence of dittany healing our wounds
We follow our calling until
We're holding up
All of our wands
Feel the magic creating our miracle
Won't give up
Our holy wands
Got the power of mind
And we're fighting till the end
In honor we fight
Protecting these walls
Fiding our answers within crystal balls
When challenges break
We rise up again
Wizards and witches will fight till the end
We're strong in our faith
determined to win
sooner than never our story begins
for one and for all
we'll do what it takes
trusting enchantments, we're fortune waits
Holding up
All of our wands
Fell the magic creating our miracle
Won't give up
Our holy wands
Got the power of mind
And we're fighting
till one of us
Earns the golden wand
Fell the magic creating the miracle
Won't give up
This golden wand
Got the power of mind
And we fight till the end

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