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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters

Celebrities Who Are Actually Famous 
Cartoon Characters Brought To Life
Like, scarily alike. These actors would be the perfect selections if anyone is making a live action adaptation of any of thee famous cartoons.

"Glee" star Chris Colfer actually looks a lot like the puppet Pinocchio. The big eyes, thin smile, and rosy cheeks all seem to suggest that Pinocchio's wish to become a real boy really did come true.
Bene-Butthead and Neil Patrick Beavis
It seems like an odd fit, but you've got to admit that Neil Patrick Harris and Benedict Cumberbatch look a lot like Beavis and Butthead. I've got a feeling the show would be much different if these two took over the roles.

Daria Plaza
Not only does Aubrey Plaza already look like Daria, but she has proven to be a master of sarcasm and deadpan on "Parks and Recreation." The casting seems so perfect, that Plaza has already done a fake "Daria" movie trailer for CollegeHumor.
Rapunzel Seyfried
Rapunzel may be voiced by Mandy Moore in the film "Tangled," but her character looks exactly like actress Amanda Seyfried. The big green eyes and long blonde hair are unmistakeable in both women.
Emma Possible
If they ever make a live action adaptation of "Kim Possible," they need to contact Emma Stone to play the lead role. Not only do her red locks and green eyes match Kim's, but Emma also shares the characters spunky attitude.

Joseph Gordon-Archer
It's probably not something you've ever thought of, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be an excellent choice to play the titular secret agent if there is ever a live action adaptation of "Archer." Of course, Joseph is probably a nicer person than his cartoon counterpart.
Bryan Flanders
Whether purposeful or not, Cranston's styling in the first season of "Breaking Bad" makes him look just like Flanders.
Ke$ha Thornberry
Remember Debbie, the cool older sister from "The Wild Thornberrys?" Her rock and roll style is very similar to Ke$ha's. Even Debbie's dialogue sounds exactly like things the pop singer would say.

Christina Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit embodied sex appeal in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit,"which is also something that Christina Hendricks does in "Mad Men." The red-headed bombshells certainly know how to carry themselves.

Quvenzhané Susie
Quvenzhané Wallis is the kid everyone in Hollywood is talking about right now. The energetic youngster would be the perfect girl to play Susie in a live action version of "Rugrats."

Russell Rodriguez
Rico Rodriquez does a great job playing the sympathetic and mature Manny in "Modern Family," but doesn't his character remind you of someone? He looks a lot like Russell from "Up."
Jasmine Simone
You probably know Hannah Simone from her role on the sitcom "New Girl." The actress, who has Indian and Greek roots, would is a dead ringer for princess Jasmine from "Aladdin."

Helga Delevigne
Cara Delevigne is the it girl in the fashion industry right now, and has helped make big eyebrows a trend. Of course, the first girl to rock the big brows look was Helga Pataki from "Hey Arnold."

Janice Versace
Janice may be the most laid back Muppet, but her similarities to the super ambitious designer Donatella Versace cannot be denied. Those prominent lips and long blond hair could make these two sisters.

Cynthia Cyrus
When Miley revealed her edgy blonde spiky hair and red lips, a lot of people noticed a similarity between her look and Angelica Pickles' beloved doll Cynthia. The "Rugrats" doll may not be outspoken, but Miley sure is.


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