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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Scary Disney Princesses

The darker version of Snow White
[Source: Yahoo!Makers] Beware, fairy tale fans — you’ll never look at the heroines of classic Disney movies the same way after seeing how artist Jeffrey Thomas envisions them. The cartoonist and character designer has thrust maidens like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine, and tons of others into a much darker, creepier world. As in, if the zombies from The Walking Dead bit every single Disney princess, this is what might happen. Don’t show these ladies to the kids, because they practically guarantee nightmares.
The darker version of Princess Tiana
Princess Tiana, we hardly recognize you! This bayou babe has gone beyond the scariest parts of the swamp, and no magic frog’s kiss can bring this girl back. If you want to be thing-from-the-swamp-Tiana this Halloween, please share a photo with us.

The darker version of Alice
Wonderland is no longer a place we’d be willing to head down a rabbit hole to find, thank you. But this would be a fun costume to try, so long as you can master some true crazy-eyes.

The darker version of Rapunzel
Rapunzel’s signature long golden hair looks like it could strangle someone. And perhaps it did. All you need for a costume? A wig, a frying pan, and a seriously angry glare. 
The darker version of Fa Mulan
Arrows clearly can’t stop this twisted warrior. We advise you run! Break out plastic arrows and a touch of fake blood to create your own version, but be prepared for people to steer clear come Hallow’s Eve. Yikes!  

The darker version of Wendy
The scarily badass version of the once-innocent 12-year-old from Peter Pan looks like she could easily take out Captain Hook and all his pirates. Tear up a thrifted blue prom dress, and you could pull this one off. 
The darker version of Princess Aurora
This Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes to a truly frightening place. Makeup and attitude could easily create this look, but finding a Prince Charming may prove … difficult. 

The darker version of Cinderella
Thomas’s drawings are unsettling, but we can’t look away. Nor can we ignore the little voice in our head that immediately says, “Ooh, what a great Halloween costume idea!” Freaky, Tim Burton-ish Cinderella, anyone?

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  1. Didn't you post these up last year? :p
    The Sleeping Beauty one is still freaking badass. :)