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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Orson Scott Card's 'Extinct'

E  X  T  I  N  C  T
Famed sci-fi author Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) is lending his considerable talent and genre experience to a new post-apocalyptic original series titled ExtinctPremiering on BYUtv on October 1, it's a 10-episode, far-future survival show revolving around a hearty band of humans hoping to restore humanity following an extinction-level event caused by an alien invasion. This has an obvious feel of shows like Falling Skies and Colony, yet on a much leaner budget, and if you can look past the weak special effects it could present some interesting ideas.
“We are pleased to debut a sci-fi thriller created exclusively for BYUtv by one of the most awarded and bestselling authors – Orson Scott Card,” said Derek Marquis, managing director of BYUtv. “Following the incredible response to our first scripted drama, Granite Flats, we are bringing a powerful apocalyptic story to life, written by two of the strongest writers in the world of speculative fiction, and directed and produced by top independent filmmakers.”
Extinct is co-created and co-written with Card by best-selling author Aaron Johnston (Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, Earth Awakens) and stars Chad Michael Collins (Sniper, Freakish), Victoria Atkin (Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate), Jaclyn Hales (Unicorn City), Yorke Fryer (How to Get Away with Murder), Jack Depew (Mad Men) and Matthew Bellows (Grimm).
Here's the official synopsis:
The 10-episode action-packed series takes place 400 years after the extinction of the human race and follows a small group of humans who are revived by an alien civilization. The aliens claim they want to restore the human species, but the reborn humans uncover new dangers, hidden agendas and powerful secrets that challenge that claim and threaten to annihilate the human race all over again.
Extinct carries the colony of revived humans through struggles with the aliens who extinguished humankind centuries before — while trying to understand and get along with the mysterious aliens who revived them. Nothing is as it seems to be, and if they aren't careful, courageous, and unified, they'll find themselves under the control of one group or the other.

Awake into this captivating new trailer for Extinct and tell us if you think it holds promise.

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