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Monday, June 1, 2015

Static Shock fan film

Static Shock Fan Film
If some of you are still reeling from the news that Jaden Smith (After Earth) will be playing Static Shock in the upcoming live-action digital series from Warner Bros., then you should take a look at this excellent fan-made movie to cleanse your palate. But if you’re one of those onboard with the news of Smith's casting (nothing wrong with that), then you should still watch this -- because it's good.

The interesting part of the short, titled Electrogenesis, is the fact that it doesn’t follow a powered-up teenager but, rather, an older Virgil Hawkins, who learns to embrace his powers again following a tragic event in his life. What you have here is not an epic summer blockbuster movie, but an electrifyingly cool (see what I did there?) little character piece with visual effects that are rather well done for a low-budget fan flick. Check it out:

Electrogenesis: A Static Shock Fan Film. Our film follows Virgil Hawkins at a time where he is not Static. A time between being just a normal teenager and a leader within the Justice League. It's a journey of a man who has forgotten his destiny, to his revival as the hero he was always meant to be.

Made possible by your donations, over the course of 4 days. We've taken this film to Long Beach Comic-Con, Cannes, and now we release it to the world. Thank you for your patience, your energy, and for believing in us. And thanks to Dwayne McDuffie for creating an enduring icon to the power of diversity, determination, and drive.

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