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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Star Wars Leak - Lucasfilm Upheaval

Is Lucas About to Return?
A new Star Wars leak from a secret source suggests that the situation at Lucasfilm is volatile and big changes may be coming to the company George Lucas founded. Could Lucas be returning in an official capacity to save Star Wars as President of Lucasfilm? Does this mean Kathleen Kennedy is out, or will they be working together? Here are the latest rumors from our sources, although as always please take them with a grain of salt.
Disney: What will it take for you (George Lucas) to become head of Lucasfilm?
George Lucas: I have 4 conditions that have to be met --
1.  I get to make my sequel trilogy;
2.  I have full creative power until I decide to end it all;
3.  Kathleen Kennedy is gone;
4.  Disney agrees to never ever mess with the original trilogy.
None of this is negotiable.
Disney: So, when do you start?

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