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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Someone Built a 1/400 scale Macross at home...

1/400 scale Macross SDF-1
"1/400 scale Macross SDF-1 progress update! Yes, I grew up watching Robotech before becoming an anime fan.  I have a really busy work/life schedule so wasn't able to start on the display frame yet. ANYWAY, I really needed to do a practice placement test on Ship Mode vs. Battle Mode and see what parts I need to debug or finish up. Obviously, a lot of missing parts. Ship Mode is 9ft long by 4ft wide. Battle Mode (without display stand) is 9ft tall by 5ft wide. It's all made out of EVA mat and craft foam and held together by a very complex set of dowels and plastic tubes. Everything you see here is literally handcrafted, no 3D printer or patterns. Still lots of work to do, on like, EVERYTHING. Bonus shot of Rockin' Ranka Red Bull Attack! XD Goal to complete by Super Dimension Convention Macross World in October. Next progress report in a month or so!"   - Lionel Lum

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  1. Well someone definitely has A LOT of time on their hands.... O_o